670 HP
0-100 km/h
3.0 Sek
8 Cyl.
330 km/h

Ferrari Rental

A Ferrari is really the epitome of the classic sports car. Its distinctive curves stand for the highest quality and everybody certainly wants to take a seat in this vehicle. Unfortunately, this wish remains unfulfilled in most cases, because only very few people can afford a Ferrari. Those who can't buy the car can still enjoy an unforgettable ride due to Diamond Cars.

With Diamond Cars® you can rent a Ferrari 488 GTB quickly and easily. Simply send us a brief request with your contact details so that we can get in touch with you.

One Day
from EUR 579.29
(from 21 days rental duration)
150 km per day included
Detailed instruction
Loss Damage Waiver
Kilometer packages available from 350 EUR
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from EUR 1,250
(Saturday to Monday)
150 km per day included
Detailed instruction
Loss Damage Waiver
Kilometer packages available from 350 EUR
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7 Days
from EUR 4,055
(more than 1,000 km included)
150 km per day included
Detailed instruction
Loss Damage Waiver
Kilometer packages available from 350 EUR
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Minimum age
5,000 EUR
10,000 EUR
Additional kilometers
4.00 EUR

Your Ferrari is ready

You can rent a Ferrari from us and fulfil a dream you have cherished for a long time. Our Ferrari 488 GTB stands for best technology and breathtaking design. Renting a Ferrari with us is very uncomplicated. You simply choose the vehicle you want and enter the relevant data. We will make sure that your car is reserved for you. For us, this doesn't just sound very simple in theory, we show that Ferrari rental also works in practice. Your friends and relatives will never get out of their amazement. Your Ferrari is of course in perfect condition. We are the experts for sports cars of all kinds and if you want to rent your Ferrari from us, you can rely on the services of real experts. So, it is no wonder that customers continue to place their trust in us. You too should not compromise and rent your Ferrari. Your Ferrari is already in the starting blocks and finally wants to bring its horses onto the track.


The Ferrari 488 GTB enjoys great popularity as the successor to the Ferrari 458. If you want to rent a Ferrari, you will experience the ultimate driving comfort with the 488 GTB. Its curved lines also make it a visual highlight and the interior stands for pure luxury. The Ferrari 488 GTB is a real rarity in this country and so you can look forward to something special when you rent a Ferrari from Diamond Cars. Compared to the F430, the interior has been improved and the seats have been enlarged. Thus, the Ferrari 488 GTB guarantees an optimal hold even in narrow curves. Already at the IAA 2009 the Ferrari 488 GTB caused a sensation for all sports enthusiasts and it has lost nothing of its fascination over the years. If you want to rent a Ferrari, the 488 GTB is the perfect choice for you. It has all the features you'd expect from a Ferrari and the seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox is a great driving experience. In addition to the familiar automatic mode, the Ferrari 488 GTB can also be operated in sports mode. Everything is harmonious and its sportiness can already be guessed on the first meters. You shouldn't do it halfway when renting a Ferrari and bet with the Ferrari 488 GTB on a car that makes the hearts of car lovers from all over the world beat faster.


Even if its temperament can never be restrained, the Ferrari 488 GTB remains perfectly on track despite its high speed. The V8 turbo engine quickly unfolds its true strength and the dynamic chassis combines comfort with the necessary sportiness. If you want to rent a Ferrari, you should simply contact us. We can advise you comprehensively and of course we instruct you exactly in advance. So, you can start your tour with the Ferrari 488 GTB immediately and make a big impression. There aren't many moments in life that give you an adrenaline rush. The ride in the Ferrari 488 GTB is definitely one of them. Anyone can rent a Ferrari from Diamond Cars and this experience is also very well received as a gift. When renting a Ferrari, everyone gets their money's worth and unforgettable moments are pre-programmed here in any case.

Why rent with Diamond Cars?
  • Always new models
  • Quick and simple reservation
  • Delivery to all European cities
  • Premium cars with fair pricing
  • Friendly 24h customer service
  • Rent sports cars from the age of 21