450 PS
0-100 km/h
4,8 Sek
5.0 V8
250 km/h

Ford Mustang Rental

If you have always wanted to sit down in an American luxury car and experience this incredible driving pleasure, then you can make this dream come true with our help. Our sports car rental makes long-cherished wishes come true and ensures unforgettable moments. Not only as a gift will the rental of a sports car cause a sensation, you can also treat yourself to this experience. But which sports car will be your first choice? How about a Ford Mustang? A real classic wants to be tamed first of all and the Ford Mustang doesn't make any compromises in this aspect. Already for many decades the Ford Mustang belongs to the absolute favorites of genuine car fans and its fascination is unbroken. If you want to rent a Ford Mustang, you don't have to do any more than contact us. We reserve your dream car for you, and you will feel all the charm of this car.

One Day
from EUR 149.29
(from 21 days rental duration)
150 km per day included
Detailed instruction
Loss Damage Waiver
Kilometer packages available from 100 EUR
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from EUR 420
(Saturday to Monday)
150 km per day included
Detailed instruction
Loss Damage Waiver
Kilometer packages available from 100 EUR
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7 Days
from EUR 1,150
(more than 1,000 km included)
150 km per day included
Detailed instruction
Loss Damage Waiver
Kilometer packages available from 100 EUR
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Minimum age
1,500 EUR
2,500 EUR
Additional kilometers
1.25 EUR

Driving Ford Mustang with Diamond Cars

The American dream of freedom and luxury is impressively underlined by the Ford Mustang. You don't have to travel to America to put this cult car through its paces. So, our car rental is represented in whole Germany and with it you can rent for example your Ford Mustang in Munich. If you come from Northern Germany, you want to rent your Ford Mustang in Munich. Even the west of Germany is covered. Therefore, you can rent your Ford Mustang in Stuttgart. Not only its external values are convincing, the interior of the Ford Mustang leaves no questions unanswered. With a 418 hp engine, the Ford Mustang accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in an incredible 4.8 seconds. The striking 5.0 V8 engine not only offers sporty performance, it also sounds like it. The Ford Mustang achieves a top speed of 250 km/h, demonstrating that a comfortable interior can be in harmony with sporty performance. You should convince yourself of the qualities of this exceptional car and rent your Ford Mustang. You are in good hands with Diamond Cars and your current place of residence is also irrelevant. You can rent your Ford Mustang in Munich or your Ford Mustang in Stuttgart. Even in the Bavarian capital you can enjoy this pleasure, because with our help you can even rent your Ford Mustang in Munich. Just try it out and experience an American classic at its best. If you rent your Ford Mustang, you will immediately recognize what makes this car so special. The sporty component is never neglected and yet the Ford Mustang is also considered as a real family car. Its outstanding driving comfort and the generously designed interior stand for it. He easily manages the balancing act between a sports car that makes you feel good and a practical everyday companion with style. The Ford Mustang has stood its ground for many generations and the future will also belong to it. This is a car with unlimited possibilities, and you should definitely jump on this wave of success. You simply cannot forego this special breeze and envious glances are guaranteed.

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